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Created a landing page for the HR cloud software of Nibelis


We were contacted by AWE (CRO agency) to create a landing page for the Nibelis cloud HR software. they gave us the context, a wireframe and some ressources.


We came with a responsive UI design refreshing the brand while respecting their guidelines. The keypoint of this landing was about colelcting prospect email.


  • UI Design
  • Responsive
  • Artistic Direction

A CRO oriented
Landing Page.

Meticulously built around the recommendations of the AWE agency and its CRO department, this landing leads a lot of prospect to the client database.

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Lead Generating Form

At the top of the page, the prospect is faced with a form allowing him to be contacted by a member of the sales team of Nibelis.

The software KPIs

Illustrated with customs icons, all the KPIs are showcased at the middle of the page. It came just after the first « assurance part » which is talking about the actual customers.

A satisfactory course

With the usage of a full scren form and a last screen for thanking the user, the lead collection process is satisfying for the user who succeed to this 2 very simple steps.

Responsive Design

Obviously, this kind of design is supposed to be responsive in order to be consultable on any device, at any time.

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