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Logo & Identity creation for KiMotive, a compagny which help people in professional transition in their search for financing,training and the negotiation of their project


KiMotive is a new compagny specialized in professionnal reconversion. They lead their clients to succeed in their career movements or life changement. They asked me to create their identity and branding before the launching.


I created a logo based on several symbolics : an open speech bubble representing the discussion with is on the hearth of the process, a compass pointer on the middle and a typography combination with light & bold font.


  • Artistic Direction
  • Branding
  • Logo Creation
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Drafting Process

First of all, I started by benchmarking a lot of stuff, establishing a moodboard to validate the direction with the client. After that, I drawn several sketches for exploring concepts.

Then I made research on typography combination in order to find the right feeling – bold and friendly –


Once the concept was validated, I draw the logotype. Using my research based on orientation and dialog, as the discussion process was explained to me by the client.

Branding Colors

A deep blue that opens the horizons, as it is a color closely related to the dream, the wisdom and the serenity. Orange conveys values ​​of communication and creativity. It conveys joy, pleasure and optimism

A background texture

A light, modern and linking evocative background was created at the same time. It allows the brand to have a coherent and textured bg on every support (déclined in orange and blue)