Hardbloc - Zokay's Portfolio


One of the biggest bouldering complex in France


Hardbloc is one of the biggest bouldering complex in France. Created in 2014, they asked me to create their visual identity and their website for the launching. We made a lot of stuff since this date : events, video, merchandising,


From the definition of the identity, to all it’s application on several support (print, web, video) from the opening, we have a real relation w/ Hardbloc


  • Branding
  • Print Design
  • Artistic Direction
  • UI Design

Brand colors.

We used the colors of the existing identity ranging from red # f61313 to yellow # ffdd59, combined with a panel of gray injected to define the different depth levels of the interface.

A solid brand

Based on the logo colors, the identity evoques energy and dynamism in a nice and clean atmophere.

The logo

It represent a sphere made with the climbing walls extracted directly from the gym. Light and strong, the use of Futura stand for a readable and scalable basement for all the textual usage

A new website

Reflecting the mood of the brand, this animated website speak about adrenaline, movement and conviviality


We organised severals photoshoots during past years, for events report, website iconography, social medias …

A set of customized icons

For the new version of the site, I designed a complete set of custom icons to illustrate the different features.